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refresher on araki’s thoughts on lgbt themes in jjba (from his interview in Eureka! magazine 2007):

  • you want to read some homoeroticism into Character A and Character B’s relationship? sweet! you can do that. go for it. go wild.
  • just because it isn’t explicitly canon doesn’t mean it can’t happen. actually, it brings a fresh perspective to the story that araki thinks is neat.
  • DIO canonically is attracted to both men and women.
  • Johnny/Gyro confirmed to be super snuggly together
  • DIO/Pucci is meant to be ambiguous
  • still no word on whats up with anasui

kewl0210 on the jojo forums recently scanned and translated some of this article


"Did you beat that game?"

"No but I watched someone on YouTube do it so I feel like I did."

PSA for anyone who lives in Wellington, particularly near Kelburn/Uni


There is a sexual predator at large.

You might have seen the scoop article about the woman who was sexually assaulted early Saturday morning. There has been a series of attacks around Boyd-Wilson field, and the police are asking women and students not to walk around there alone at night.

Last night I was walking home from my friend’s birthday party. At about 3am I was picked up by the police. I thought I was in trouble for jaywalking, but it turns out they wanted to give me a ride home, to ensure I got home safely. They informed me there had been another attack that morning, in roughly the same place. That’s two nights in a row.

A few weeks ago, I walked the Boyd-Wilson field path on my way to town at about 1am. At the time I walked through, there were about 8 police officers standing around, and an area was cordoned off with police tape.

Please, please, please do not use this walk way at night. It’s the one between The Terrace and Te Puni Village. I know that it’s the quickest route, but that’s where so many of these attacks have been. If you can’t afford a taxi (believe me, I understand), walk with a friend, preferably several friends. Or take another route, such as Mount Street or Aro Street. I know it takes longer, but it’s worth it for your safety.

Please, please keep yourselves safe, lovelies, and if you ever feel unsafe, or if you know anything about these attacks, please don’t hesitate to call the police ♥

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